Most photography today is generic - and we all know that bad stock photos don't build brands.

Our Solution

We take on the photo shoot for you, generating high-quality custom images in your brand’s voice and tone. The result is beautiful, inclusive content for all your marketing needs.

Connectivity & authenticity

Acquire authentic content that connects emotionally.

Low Risk & Time saving

Buy what you like, leave what you don’t. Reduce time spent planning shoots, negotiating usage rights and finding content to repost.

Cost Savings

Eliminate costly photoshoots that feature limited products, models and locations.


Necessity is the mother of invention.

Erin spent the past fifteen years working for some of the biggest names in sportswear, outdoor, and CPG industries. Time and again she ran into the same problems generating content…

Traditional photoshoots were expensive and lacked variety. UGC was cost-effective but inconsistent. Knowing there was a better solution, Erin started authentic as a service to give brands access to high-quality and affordable content.

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The head and the heart

Product and lifestyle photography have different reasons for being. The features and benefits highlighted in product photos speak to the head, while the context and emotion of lifestyle photos speak to the heart. Lucky for you, authentic speaks to both!

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