Delicious Imagery

The Power Behind Food Photography

Over the past year, we’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the tastiest brands in the food industry, creating compelling food photography that not only speaks to the product, but showcases the emotions and moments created when folks come together to share a meal. “Whenever we kick off conversations with a brand partner, we always ask “What kind of emotion are you trying to evoke?” said, Erin Simons Cook, Founder and CEO of authentic. “When Bubba Burgers wanted to tell a story about those family after-school moments, I knew that Jasmine was the perfect photographer for the project. Jasmine is such a talented storyteller…her work is heartfelt, real, and emotive.” 

Another common ask when working with food or beverage brands is to “set the table” or place the food front and center of the story. This style of food photography allows viewers to “eat with their eyes”.

“I was really happy with the work from this shoot…Deb Morlan did a wonderful job playing with color and focused in on the details, making this Ling Ling dish pop!” said Cook. The secret to great food photography is in the story, whether it’s the product itself, the preparation or the coming together to share a meal. authentic has a talented roster of photographers who are ready to bring your brand to life in a way that’s positively scrumptious.  See more here