Photographer Spectrum

The Good to Great Difference

I consider myself a decent photographer, I certainly take enough pictures of my kids 😊 

But when I look at the images produced by authentic’s professionals, there’s a significant difference. The framing of a scene, the intention behind lighting, the depth of field…these details deliver content that connects on an emotional level.

Quality and Speed

With authentic brands have access to 50 vetted photographers across the US & Canada, turning photoshoots around in 2-4 weeks. All of this, managed in one place:

  • Shoot locations across the country for off-season needs
  • Model diversity
  • Full rights to use images as needed, in perpetuity
  • Model releases included
  • Fixed fees for easy budgeting

Using a collaborative approach, brands engage selected photographers through a comprehensive creative brief. With brand guidelines, product details and photo inspiration, authentic’s professionals are able to capture brand voice, seasonal relevance & product specifics.

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