Inclusive Content

Creating With And For Your Audience

People engage most with content that speaks to them, reflects them and represents their community.  With thousands of messages a day being thrown at consumers through social media, targeted ads and out of home marketing, share of voice has never been more critical. In order to engage new and existing consumers, brands have an obligation (and opportunity!) for their marketing content to reflect the people & communities they wish to engage.

Generating creative assets within these three content pillars helps to achieve a higher share of voice:

Tailored Content

Marketers need to create compelling photography that is tailored to their target audiences’ needs, showcases products in real-life situations, allowing the audience to genuinely relate to the content.

Representative Content

Bottom line, people want to see themselves and their communities when being marketed to. Marketers have tended to showcase people in their own network, limiting diversity of both models and photographers. With authentic, brands have the power to tap into diverse audiences and creatives. The result? Content rooted in authenticity. 

Geographically Diverse & Seasonally Relevant Content 

It’s January and you need spring images of your gardening tools…
It’s August and you need to build out Holiday content…

Creating content off season is a real challenge! And most budgets don’t allow for unlimited travel to capture seasonal relevance.

authentic has professionals across the US & Canada to make it easy to cost-effectively capture the season regardless of the weather in your area!


Not sure where to start? Limited budgets and time? We feel you. 

“One of my biggest challenges while working brand-side was around content. We had limited budgets and frankly, limited bandwidth to source and identify the right creative talent for each campaign.” said Erin Cook, Founder and CEO of authentic, “I built authentic to solve that problem and empower creative talent all over the country to connect with brands who want to tell more stories to more people.” 

At authentic we have a vast network of photographers with a wide array of specialties, whether you’re looking for content designed around a product or compelling lifestyle photography.