The Head and the Heart

Product Imagery in Human Context

Product and lifestyle photography have different reasons for being. The features & benefits highlighted in product-on-white photos speak to the head, while the context & emotion of lifestyle photos speak to the heart.

It is critical to speak to both on ecommerce pages!

Lifestyle Value

Did you know that sales conversion rates increase dramatically for product pages with lifestyle images? And photos that show people’s faces get 38% more engagement than photos without?

That’s because lifestyle content is a window into a real moment – it shares the human context beyond the product specs. authentic helps organizations capture those relatable situations in high quality photo & video by using:

  • Professional photographers that shoot to your brief & brand voice.
  • Friends & family models that look natural not posed.
  • Project brief template that captures critical elements.

A critical part of authentic’s briefing process is asking brands to describe the emotion they want to convey. Human connection is everything – authentic makes sure that shines through.