Economic Uncertainty

The Unpredictable Economy

While the news around employment and consumer spending remains positive, stubborn inflation, rising interest rates and ongoing supply chain issues contribute to concern about the economy. And in times of lingering uncertainty, organizations begin to pull back…

Creative Resourcefulness

Inventive marketing teams will need to find creative ways to do more with less, staying connected and engaged with their audience in spite of decreased resources. authentic helps organizations keep content quality & quantity high by:

  • Reducing the cost of product and lifestyle content, by 200% for one client!
  • Increasing efficiency by shooting multiple products in a single shoot.
  • Streamlining the entire process of a custom brand photoshoot in one place.

Creative resourcefulness means leveraging existing gatherings and setting up moments that capture genuine engagement among friends & family. The benefit of authentic’s approach is that your product comes along on the photographer’s adventure, and with 50 professionals across the country that’s a diversity of people and adventures.